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West Oaks Private Pre-School and Grandma’s House Child Care Pre-School Gardens are a wonderful learning tool and life experience for children of all ages. Most children have a natural curiosity of plant and animal life that naturally translates into a love for gardening. This interest in gardening then carries over into the school subjects that are related to the garden. We have incorporated all of the traditional classroom learning topics including math, science, reading, language arts and social studies into our gardening activities. After visiting the garden, the children return to their classroom where the teachers re-emphasize the relationship between items in the garden and their classroom activities.

Most people, especially children, remember and understand better when they do things rather than just reading or hearing about them in class. Our pre-school garden provides a natural laboratory where children can apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom. From simple math problems to more complex science experiments, our garden is a jewel in our curriculum allowing children to apply theoretical knowledge to a real life situation.

How Gardening Is Incorporated Into Classroom Activities


Children use math as a planning tool for the garden. They learn about measurement, volume, weight, spacing, sequencing and other mathematical concepts.

Reading, Writing and Language Arts

The garden has a lot to talk about, read about and write about! Students track the life cycle of the garden through classroom journals, pictures and personal experiences. We have a library of children’s story books that address gardening, fruits and vegetables that are incorporated into their curriculums.

Social Studies

Children at our school have the opportunity to explore the world of nutritious vegetables and aromatic spices through our garden. They discover how various cultures incorporate these ingredients into their cuisine, gaining a deeper appreciation for diverse culinary traditions. Additionally, they actively participate in cooking activities, using the herbs and vegetables from our garden, as we celebrate and learn about the foods and customs of different countries.


Our garden serves as a captivating learning space where children delve into the realms of biology, ecology, weather, soil, energy, animals, insects, and nutrition. It acts as a living laboratory, allowing them to witness the presence of spiders and geckos that inhabit the garden beds. Through the garden, children acquire valuable knowledge about sustainable ecosystems.

Life Science

The pre-school garden itself is a lesson in life skills. The students are responsible for their garden, and plants in it will live or die depending on their dedication. Through the garden, the children learn about accountability and respect for living things (plants and animals).

The History of our Garden

In Spring 2017, we completed the construction of our outdoor classroom with the assistance of a grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture.  

Regardless of age, all of our children at West Oaks Private Pre School and Grandma”s House are involved in the planting, maintenance, and harvesting of our garden.  

The children often take home herbs and vegetables from the pre-school garden and the school-age children will use them in their cooking activities.

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