Pre-Kindergarten Program

At Grandma’s House Child Care & West Oaks Private Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten classrooms are for children that have already turned four years old. As part of our partnership with Alief ISD, all of the Pre-K classrooms are outfitted with new furniture, toys, and learning materials. Handwriting centers, listening centers, and science centers, among others, have been designed to capture the children’s attention and are part of the daily center rotation. iPads are used throughout the year for learning-based activities and games provided by Alief ISD.

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

In our West Oaks Private Pre-School pre-kindergarten classrooms, we implement the Frog Street Press curriculum and a learning centers-based approach to foster optimal learning experiences. To ensure a smooth transition to Kindergarten, we also integrate Handwriting Without Tears and other valuable resources from Scholastic. Our teachers use developmental checklists, engaging math and phonics exercises tailored to Kindergarten standards, and cutting-edge learning tools like iPads, all encompassed within a weekly thematic topic.

Through our collaborative partnership with Alief ISD, we gladly accept children who qualify for the Alief ISD Pre-K Programs. We align our curriculum with the Alief ISD Frog Street Press curriculum and adhere to their assessment and training requirements. We diligently collect samples of each child’s work throughout the school year, compiling them into portfolios that allow parents to observe their child’s development. These portfolios are typically shared during parent-teacher conferences scheduled in December and May.


Children attending our Pre-K program wear a basic uniform consisting of Khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, or skirts) and Hunter Green tops.

Playgrounds and Equipment

The Pre-K classrooms have their own large, shaded playgrounds that include swings and a basketball hoop. There is also a large open field for football and soccer. Additionally, Pre-K uses the gym on rainy and hot days to take advantage of additional play and learning experiences including riding toys, parachute play, soccer and basketball.

Vegetable Garden

Each year, the Pre-K classrooms participate fully in the planting of the vegetable garden. Their teachers take them through the garden on a regular basis to look at the growth and participate in the harvesting of vegetables.

Pre-Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

At the end of each school year, the Pre-K students get to participate in a Pre-K graduation ceremony. This special event includes songs, dances and diploma presentations. Pre-K graduation is often a highlight as parents and grandparents get to watch and participate.

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